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The Surprising Benefits Of An All Boys Education - De La Salle

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School is a long period of growth, realisation and development for every child in the District and the world. Still, when placed in the right, stable environment suited to them, their potential for success is immeasurable.

The benefits of a Lasallian education is one that must be experienced to be understood. The brotherhood, companionship and values taught within an Lasallian Schools creates an incomparable experience for your child's school experience. 


The history of De La Salle

The De La Salle Brothers are a corporation of Catholic Brothers established in the 18th century, founded from St John Baptist de La Salle. Since its inception, the De La Salle Brothers have opened hundreds of schools around the world, but in the ANZPPNG District, there are over forty schools, some of which are all boys and others co-educational.

Let’s take a look into the benefits of education, particularly with a Lasallian school:

1. Focus

A school facilitates the learning environment for educating students and their specific needs, you'll find that when students are surrounded by like-minded, similar individuals that the process of growing up can be made simpler for many students. When in a setting with the same gender, distinctive and specific learning styles are cultivated to the highest standard, and the research reflects this. 

2. Encouraged to learn

Co-educational facilities tend to have many underlying tendencies to focus on ensuring the males and females are separate when it comes to behavioural techniques. However, most Lasallian schools eliminate this factor in a single gender setting allowing for the male to focus on just his behaviour, with many of his brothers around him. There is an ultimate goal to learn, to the best of your educational ability. Statistics and research show that the standard of education within all boys education, particularly Lasallian schools, is significantly higher than all other boys schools. 

3. Learning Styles

The learning styles of boys are, in most cases, different from girls. These gender traits in students can then determine how effective teaching can be for boys or girls. When boys are put together in their High-school and Primary years their educational and social needs are met by teachers who truly understand the learning style and their academic results definitely reflect that. 

4. Brotherhood

There is a heightened sense of community, social connection and fellowship when students are surrounded by their peers. Within Lasallian schools, there is a massive sense of community within the schools and many teachers support the commendatory of the brotherhood.

Every sports match, carnival, play, performance or way of self-expression is accepted, encouraged and promoted by the teachers. There is a significant sense of support, and in modern times, every student can express themself without judgement.

When it comes to choosing whether your child attends a co-educational or all boys school, the choice can be daunting, the research immense and in this modern age, no easy decision to make. Lasallian Schools centre around your child and their well-being throughout their entire college journey. Your child is assured to be surrounded by supportive, like-minded peers and provided with opportunities. 

There are a number of Lasallian schools based across NSW, Victoria and South Australia. St Michael's College is based in Adelaide and has 1844 enrolments at the moment, 1209 of which are boys. Females make up only 34% of the school. Sydney has Oakhill College, De La Salle College Ashfield, and De La Salle College Revesby Heights that are all-boys schools. Oakhill College is an all-boys college up until years 11 and 12 where females are introduced. This type of learning is one of a kind, where boys attending the school can form a strong sense of community from year 7-10 and then expand their relationships in year 11 and 12. Victoria’s Lasallian all boys schools include St James College in East Bentleigh that are secondary schools from Years 7-10 and 12, St Bede’s College Mentone and De La Salle College Malvern, which begins their schooling from years 4-12.

The options are endless when it comes to your son’s potential when he attends a Lasallian, all-boys educational institution. While every student is different, you can rest assured that within every Lasallian college, your son will experience the best of the best in teaching, sporting, extra-curricular activities as well as opportunities to better serve the community, go overseas and around the country with his peers to engage with society.



With such high regard of each high school, each school has very high expectations of their students and the selection process can be lengthy and thorough. This is to ensure your child is best suited for the environment of a Lasallian school. Also that’s what is best for you as their parent, to know your child is spending their school experience in the best of hands, and any Lasallian education is the best of hands your child could be in.