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Catholic Education South Australia - De La Salle

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What is a catholic education?

Catholic Education is an integral part of the Education System in Australia as it delivers high-quality traditional academic teachings along with the Catholic values and ethos of the Catholic Archdiocese.  Differing from your average public schools, Catholic schools are highly regarded and designed to produce a high-quality level of study all the while teaching values and respect.

The De La Salle Brothers have established thousands of schools across the world, guided from their founder, St John Baptist, de La Salle. The De La Salle Brothers hold a high standard of schooling intertwined with teachings of core values such as faith, respect and social justice in every one of their catholic schools in Adelaide and across the globe.


St Michael's College, South Australia.

St Michael’s College in Adelaide, is one of the only catholic schools in South Australia that follows the Lasallian values. Founded in 1954, the school is renowned as the most prestigious Catholic school in Adelaide producing the highest quality Catholic Education in the region. The school consists of two campuses, a primary school and secondary school, these schools accommodate students from Kindergarten to Year 12.   Since its beginning in 1954, the Primary School has been an all-boys school, however in 2021, girls were accepted into the first years of school, and by 2027 the entire Primary school will be a fully co-educational school. There are currently 350 students at the campus and 38 staff members.   The Secondary school is a co-educational campus from Years 7-12. The Secondary Campus has 1,500 students at the moment, with a new Lasallian Education Centre (LEC) that opened in 2018.  The LEC is another state of the art facility that school can use for not only teaching but for community events, masses, and an environment to welcome members of the wider community. The new building has a 300-seat auditorium, integrated technologies, a hospitality space, a senior science space on top of 12 new teaching spaces.


About us

With the motto of Community, Challenge and Choice, St Michael’s is open to all students. Whether you’re looking to challenge your child or ensure they are part of a stable, supportive community, there is so much opportunity at St Michael’s College.   College Tours can be booked online, and there are multiple videos online showing the campus and all it offers. To book a tour or to find more information please go to our website



There are mid-year intakes for the Primary School, but the Secondary enrolments begin at Year 7 each year. Priority is often given for siblings of students, sons or daughters of scholars, children who attend local parish schools, Catholic children but also parents seeking a Christian schooling for their children. The school prides itself on its welcoming and accepting nature, every applicant is considered with respect and acceptance. To find out more about both the Primary and Secondary campuses, visit: