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Teacher and Student

Cultivating Critical Lasallian Virtues in Future Teachers

“As educators, it is our responsibility to teach minds, touch hearts and transform the lives of the students entrusted to our care” (De La Salle, 1994). This aspirational statement serves to inspire, but it also raises many questions about what “habits of the heart” constitute caring, and how teacher preparation programs might prepare future teachers to care for their students during frightening, unpredictable, unprecedented times such as those we are living through at present. During a capstone undergraduate course, future teachers considered the Twelve Lasallian Virtues of a Good Teacher (virtues they had been introduced to at the beginning of their program) and reflected on one virtue they possessed and one they felt was most challenging. Students were asked to explain the impact these virtues may have on their teaching lives and their future students. This article demonstrates the powerful influence of reflection and how useful such reflection on the Lasallian Virtues can be for educators, especially in traumatic times such as these, when students need an empathetic teacher the most.



This paper was published on the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota website.  Author: Lisa Rizopoulos, Trace Lahey and Lisa Juncaj