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Empowering Unity: Lasallian Leaders in Papua New Guinea Set the Agenda for 2024 and Beyond

In December 2023, leaders from the Lasallian community in Papua New Guinea came together in Bomana for its annual gathering. The 15 leaders, along with the new youth coordinators;   Emmanuella Opu and Lisa Marie Wia, met to review the events of the year and set plans for 2024. During their discussions, they openly talked about the challenges they faced due to personal and work commitments, emphasizing their collective dedication to overcoming difficulties and working collaboratively to enhance the Lasallian community in Papua New Guinea.

As part of their meeting, they invited speakers to share insights on vital topics such as child protection, g Catholic teachings on Synodality, and the Leavening project. The leaders acknowledged the importance of their work in the country and underscored the significance of understanding the Child protection laws and policies in the PNG education system. They recognized that being well-informed about these regulations is crucial for their efforts to positively influence education and contribute to the welfare and well-being of children and vulnerable adults in the communities they live and work in Papua New Guinea.

The National Lasallian Office was excited about the upcoming visit of the District Council and Brother Superior in June to 2024. They're also preparing for the first PNG Lasallian symposium to be held in Port Moresby between 25th and 27th of June. The leaders of Papua New Guinea are optimistic about improving education and strengthening initiatives to protect children despite the challenges they face.

The meeting concluded with a special retreat guided by Fr. John Auram, creating an uplifting atmosphere. This retreat not only strengthened the bonds among the leaders but also set the groundwork for improvements in the National Lasallian Teachers Curriculum. Reflecting on their collective experiences and sharing ideas, the leaders left the retreat feeling hopeful and motivated. Their newfound positive outlook and strengthened bond have cultivated a sense of unity and determination among the Lasallian leaders in Papua New Guinea, setting the tone for the upcoming year, 2024.

Source: Grace Wrakia