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Lasallian Encounter Camp

Lasallian Encounter Camp

Lasalle Technical Secondary School Hohola hosted the annual Lasallian Encounter camp from Friday 6th – Sunday 6th May 2022.

The final batch of year nine students were excited to attend the camp as this was the 'first' in-person LEC since 2020 due to the restrictions imposed by COVID- 19 that halted most of the school youth programs.

One hundred ten students spent the weekend learning about 'The life of the Founder', 'What it means to be a Lasallian' and the 'Five guiding Lasallian principles'. The three-day camp was a special time to reflect and re-focus on the individual's life journey and the transitional period, from being a teen to becoming a young adult as they begin their secondary level of education. 
Many of the campers went away satisfied with the sessions; 

"I think I now know what I want to do with my life."

"I did not expect myself to enjoy the camp, but I was blown away by the facilitator's presentations."

 "To be a Lasallian is to be of service to others; I get that now."

On Sunday, the last day of the camp, everyone attended a Mass with celebrant Fr John Glyn, a Lasallian Priest.

Thanks to the Youth Ministers, Larry Aua and Kulunias Oa and Lasallian Volunteer, Francis Mullingu, who did an amazing job and created many memorable experiences for the campers.

Live Jesus in our hearts forever.


(Author: Melinda Maro, PNG Lasallian Family)