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Finishing Well

Finishing Well

‘Let us remember' is a prayer and reflection resource offered to Lasallian schools and works. It might be used for individual prayer and reflection or at the beginning of team/faculty meetings, staff briefings or whole staff meetings. There will be a different focus for each reflection and over time a library of prayers and reflections will be developed for use.

Today’s focus is: “Finishing Well”

It is the last few weeks, not only of work for some of us but of the year. The December rush may be filled with last-minute meetings, final preparations for 2023 or maybe even saying goodbye to colleagues, friends and a community. It looks different for each of us but what we are all doing together is ending another huge year .

How do we do this well? How can we step over another threshold and transition well into another cycle? For each of us, the answer will be different.

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Author: Damian Khoury, Young Lasallian Coordinator