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Formation for Mission

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We believe that all of us who work in a Lasallian ministry, whether a school or yourtown, have the best interest of young people at heart.  Lasallian educators and staff work with and on behalf of young people to empower them to learn, grow, reach their potential and then leave our orbit to make a positive impact on the world.

We also believe that all involved in supporting young people need and deserve high-quality and impactful personal and professional development on an ongoing basis. This happens best in person through experiences of community, but it also demands flexibility to remain accessible and relevant in this ever-changing environment. Lasallians refer to this process of development as Formation for Mission because we form ourselves and one another, for the sake of serving young people to the best of our ability.

We believe that all young people deserve high-quality formation too. This is why we empower a dynamic and growing network of young adults and experienced educators to craft Formation for Mission programs and experiences that meet them where they are and challenge them to keep becoming who they might be. We equip them with a more finely tuned internal compass, the skills to wrestle with life’s big questions, and the joy of connection to a larger Lasallian family. Our goal is to complement what already happens in Lasallian ministries and to empower Young Lasallians to lead the way into the future.

Because Formation is for Mission and because none of us ever finish learning and growing, our team of formators seek to remain on the cutting edge and to stay rooted in our evolving heritage, always placing the most up-to-date research in conversation with over 300 years of Lasallian wisdom and the lived experience of everyone we meet.

Whether through a program or event, a process of ongoing accompaniment or a consultation session with local leaders, we are excited to walk alongside you and your community. Contact us today.

Our Team’s Work Alongside Educators and Young People Includes:


Crafting and delivering bespoke formation programs for both young people and educators, including retreats, reflection days, and professional development opportunities



Providing companionship, training, resources, and mentorship for those who accompany others 



Sharing wisdom and expertise with fellow ministry practitioners and those who lead formation, mission, and culture in schools or organisations



Meet the


Philippe Dulawan - Associate Director - Formation for Mission

Br John Cantwell FSC - Director Emeritus of Formation for Mission

Sebastian Duhau - Young Lasallian Coordinator

Damian Khoury - Young Lasallian Coordinator

Joshua Cant - Young Lasallians Coordinator

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