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FDMC Touching Hearts, Teaching Minds, Transforming Lives

FDMC Touching Hearts, Teaching Minds, Transforming Lives

The Francis Douglas Memorial College year 13 Retreat took quite a different turn this year, another opportunity to show our versatility in response to Covid-19. As we were unable to hold our Graduation Dinner for the first time in many years we decided to do as much as we possible could within the current guidelines.

The Retreat is a very special day with the theme of “What’s Next.” While we would normally spend the day in a variety of activities we chose those most relevant and completed the Retreat by 11:30 so we could gather for a Graduation Lunch.

Every year we have a panel at the Year 13 Retreat. These wonderful people share their stories and then the Year 13 young men have an opportunity to ask questions. This they do with great interest and enthusiasm. It is so heart-warming to listen to the openness of those on the panel sharing their life experiences with these young men. It is a testament to the strong bonds that develop between the students at FDMC and their teachers. We live by these words “Touching Hearts, Teaching Minds, Transforming Lives”

After a break we gathered again and the Year 7 boys who were anointed by their Big Brothers when they first came to FDMC at the beginning of the year returned the favour and anointed their brothers in Faith, Service and Community. Each little group of year 7s and 13s found a space where the Big Brother was able to impart a few words of wisdom to their Little Brother before being anointed on their hands.

Our Graduation Lunch followed. Germaine Grewall chose the crockery, glassware and cutlery which he then set on the tables. They looked magnificent. A photo centre was set up and Mr Wright and the junior jazz band provided music.

Staff served the boys their starter of crudites and fizzy drinks before serving the main meal of stuffed chicken breast, chips and salads. During this time awards were handed out and speeches were made. Conversation was in plentiful supply and there was lots of laughter. Finally dessert was served before the boys left for home in a tooting display!

Thank you Year 13 of 2021, we will miss you. Enter to learn Leave to Serve

Posted by Anna Zsigovits-Mace on 30 November 2021