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A man of influence, with good connections! Br. Aloysius Hurrell has been working over several years in the Young Men’s Aspirancy, teaching proficiency in English, music and sports to fifteen would-be Brothers, as they pursue senior secondary and base university studies.

The compound in Faisalabad, Pakistan, is also the site of La Salle Urdu High School, the Brothers’ community house and – across the road- La Salle Girls High and Boys High and College.  A perceptive man in his Lasallian ministry, Aloysius is aware of the needs of the very poorest whom the Brothers and their Colleagues educate. The Girls High School has some very needy girls, smart, but struggling to complete their senior education.

As Br. Shahid Mughal, Principal says:
“The Pakistan education system has a lot of issues in it. One of the major issues is the rising costs, and poor quality of education in public institutions, where there is a majority of underprivileged children who go to take education. To achieve quality education in private institutions is a dream of every disadvantaged and poor child; scholarship has become an important weapon”.

As a private Christian school, the Boys and Girls High Schools  commit to a program of scholarships for very economically challenged students. (Girls are at a further disadvantage in the local culture, where more boys finish schooling).

Br. Aloysius called various people in his native Australia to become a benefactor - to support one disadvantaged girl  to continue to Grades 10, 11, 12. He raised $ AU 3,750 for seven girls- Fiza, Riba Erick, Suman, Neha, Kinza, Neha Nasreen and Muskan.

Eligibility rules are to pass one’s Matriculation exams with 55% +, and that the family income is less than PAK 2.5 lakh p.a. There is also a reference required from a Bishop / parish priest; if a non-Catholic, a reference or recommendation from a known person.

As Br. Shahid writes in his letter of thanks to all benefactors : “Thank you for your timely, financial support. Hoping your support will change lives. May your life be blessed”.

The reality on the ground is deep gratitude from the young ladies. The vision is that they will be able to help support their families significantly, with better jobs in the future.



Posted by Br Gary Wilson FSC on 26 November 2021