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Message from Br Visitor - ‘Reconciliation Week’

On 27 May 1967, an overwhelming majority of Australians voted to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples recognition in the Census. Many years later, on 3 June 1992, the High Court Mabo decision was delivered, which led to these groups being legally recognised as Traditional Owners and Custodians of lands: titles they had long deserved.  

While National Reconciliation Week is generally only celebrated in Australia, Reconciliation can be a call for all across the District. This week is a time for reflection and learning. It's a chance to fill in the gaps in our knowledge about the history and culture of your country and mission. When we understand the past, we can pave the way for a brighter future.  

This year's theme is "Be a voice for generations!", a sentiment we should all take to heart and strive to embody. I encourage you to make Reconciliation a priority in both your professional and personal lives. Change starts on an individual level, and when we all do our part, we can accomplish big things.

As we can recognise how people in our past have wronged us, let us open our hearts and share unconditional love and warmth with people today. In this way, we can set an example for those who come after us and be a positive voice guiding future generations.

As St John Baptist de La Salle wisely spoke: "God of love, set me aflame with love for you and for my neighbour." This quote conveys a crucial truth: our relationship with God is always strengthened when we help our peers and show them grace.

The core mission of the Institute has always been to transform the lives of our fellow humans for the better, letting our faith empower us through every step of the journey. We strive to live by strong Lasallian values to help those who are less fortunate. Taking the time to respectfully acknowledge each other is just one way we can practice kindness towards all.  

As we all know, the issue of Reconciliation hits very close to home, as some of our schools serve a large number of Aboriginal students. For instance, Luurnpa Catholic School is located in the heart of Wirrimanu Aboriginal Community Balgo Hills. La Salle College Middle Swan, Perth also educates many Aboriginal students.

Let us use National Reconciliation Week as an opportunity to reflect on wrongs that occurred in the past, listen to and learn from the indigenous people of today, and dedicate our steadfast efforts to work towards true Reconciliation.