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Teachers leave with renewed faith and zeal

The Lasallian Family in Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea) recently held its second teacher formation retreat attended by 37 teachers from Port Moresby and nearby Central Province Schools. The retreat was held at Sivarai Namona Pastoral Center at Bomana.

The weekend started with opportunities for teachers to reflect on their teaching journey and identify the seven stages aligned to the story of Annunciation in the Gospel of Luke 1:26-42.

The evening session was prepared and facilitated by Grace Wrakia (Lasallina Family Coordinator) to create an environment for teachers to find themselves and discover the calling of God in their vocation as teachers. It was a beautiful evening with sharing and discussion as teachers opened up to the experience and allowed God's spirit to work in them and renew their commitment to the Lasallian teaching ministry.

The second day was a full day of presentations and activities, including:

  • The life of St. John Baptist de La Salle and the founding story of the Lasallian Family in PNG – facilitated by Br. Alf and Michael Burke

  • Student Correction and Teacher Wellbeing - facilitated by Wenly Armani and Elizabeth Ikupu

  • Teachers: the Salt and Light of Schools for young people – presented by Sr. Beverly (CRE Coordinator of the Archdiocese)

  • Lasallian Spirituality - presented by Joan Eoe AFSC.

This full day of activities ended with a bonfire and a video show in the evening. The topics and presenters were very much appreciated by everyone as they showed their shared wisdom and lived experiences.

The last day was like icing on the cake. The teachers celebrated the 372nd birth anniversary of Saint John Baptist de La Salle with the Holy Eucharist, a presentation of certificates, a renewal ceremony for Lasallian commitments and three cakes.

The 37 teachers who attended left with renewed faith and zeal to teach the young people waiting for them in the classrooms the next day. The weekend was also an opportunity to meet fellow colleagues in the Lasallian Family and build a more robust network of  Educators dedicated to quality human and Christian education of young people.

A poem written by Mahuru Kevete, the Principal of Lahara Avenue School, beautifully sums up this experience.  


Gathered in unison, with hearts full of pride,

Lasallian teachers, side by side,

On the 28th to 30th of April, in the year 2023,

We'll come together for an induction, filled with glee.


Celebrating the life of a saint, born on this day,

St. John Baptist De La Salle, his teachings we'll relay,

Born in 1651, his legacy we'll cherish,

And his teachings of faith, hope, and love we'll nourish.


From Jubilee Secondary School, we'll gather with care,

With La Salle Technical Secondary School, a bond we'll share,

Lahara Avenue School, with hearts full of cheer,

And Sacred Heart Primary School, to the occasion we'll adhere.


De La Salle Secondary School, with pride, we'll stand,

Hand in hand with our colleagues, a united band,

Together we'll learn, we'll teach, and we'll grow,

And the teachings of St. John Baptist De La Salle we'll bestow.


With passion and dedication, we'll take up our roles,

To nurture young minds, and inspire young souls,

To be the light and the salt, for our students every day,

And to guide them on their journey, in every single way.


So, let us come together, with hearts full of fire,

Lasallian teachers, who'll never tire,

Of imparting knowledge, wisdom, and grace,

To the young minds we'll shape, with love and embrace.




(Author: Grace Wrakia, Lasallian Family Coordinator - Edited)