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Pledge Wall

De La Salle Stands United Against Bullying!

This year the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) has been moved to 18 August. Whilst De La Salle College Revesby will still have a focus on bullying on this day later in the year, they also held their traditional focus on bullying recently with the College Prefects and SRC lending their voice to a campaign that shines a light on this issue and its impacts.

The Prefects and SRC ran an anti-bullying table at lunch times where students were encouraged to sign a pledge against bullying. The theme this year is that we ‘stand united against bullying’ and hundreds of pledge commitments were signed and placed on our pledge wall. This pledge wall is a visible sign of our commitment to stand against bullying in our community. De La Salle students are to be congratulated for getting behind this important initiative.

The Pastoral Program provides students with a focus on bullying. Students explore what bullying is, the impacts and strategies on how to manage it if it occurs.  Students also participated in an anti-bullying Survey to gather data from students so that we can gain an insight into the prevalence of this at the College. Senior leaders also created a video on the impact of bullying and how our College can stand together against bullying and violence in all its forms. 


(Source: De La Salle College Revesby)