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LTSSH received invaluable resources

Since the De La Salle Brothers established the Lasallian Foundation in 2004, the Foundation has strived to bring hope and opportunities to disadvantaged children.

One recent project which took place at La Salle Technical Secondary School Hohola (LTSSH) was quite meaningful and fulfilling.

LTSSH is a Catholic Agency school that evolved from a facility that catered to youth who had dropped out of traditional education. The program here was focused on personal development activities, teaching employable skills, and enabling students to re-engage with secondary education. In 1993, the De La Salle Brothers took over the administration and progressively increased the number of students.

Eventually, the institution gained the ability to offer National Certificates and in 2014/2015, La Salle students were listed in the first 270 passes in the FODE National Examinations. In 2021, National Curriculum was introduced at the school.

In 2021, LTSSH received K136,290.50 from Lasallian Foundation Australia. This sizable funding went towards purchasing National Curriculum textbooks for Grades 9, 10, and 11. We were elated to be able to support such a dedicated educational institution as they procured better materials with which to nurture the minds of their pupils.

Learning aids such as textbooks are invaluable resources for both teachers and students. These treasure troves of knowledge contain comprehensive compilations of expertly explained content in a particular branch of study.

LTSSH has expressed their gratitude for this donation from the Lasallian Foundation. As a result of this project, they received outstanding results in the Grade 10 National exams. In addition, 15 of the school’s students were selected for the school of excellence for their further studies.

Because of the Lasallian Foundation donation, LTSSH enjoyed many positive outcomes in both the short and long term, including:  

  1. Improved satisfaction of students and staff with the National Curriculum Text Books for Grades 9 and 10.
  1. A greatly increased ability to save time and energy in the learning process.
  1. At least 5 to 10 years of good use from the textbooks.
  1. Improved satisfaction of staff and students with their teaching and learning.
  1. Increased student confidence in their lives and ability to further their education.
  1. The privilege of utilising textbooks as a footpath and lighthouse to higher understanding of the subject material.

The Lasallian Foundation see that although the world is becoming increasingly advanced and many economies are prosperous, countless people around the globe don’t have access to the privileges of wealth and progress. Too many youths suffer from poverty or ignorance, and the Foundation seeks to support those individuals through education. In this way, children and youth can gain the knowledge, skills, and values they need to secure academic and employment opportunities for a brighter future.

Private donors are a significant source of funding for the Foundation. We are currently an approved overseas foundation in Australia and have Deductible Gift Recipient status, meaning that all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

By donating through the Workplace Giving program, you can help lift children out of poverty and give them the educational opportunities they dream of. Workplace Giving is a three-way partnership between employees, employers, and the Lasallian Foundation. It offers employees a convenient way to donate to the Lasallian Foundation and changes lives by supporting long-term sustainable development projects.

Programs are transparent and trustworthy, and they avoid costly fundraising. Donating is easy and tax-effective, and employers even have the option to match employee donations or donate a set amount. By going this route, employers can find success in the community aspect of corporate social responsibility.

To donate, visit:  

Every donation is a tremendous help to the Lasallian Foundation, and your generosity will help us give back to communities in need and fund more educational opportunities like the one discussed in this article.