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Three join the Lasallian Fraternity

On the 9th May, an important affiliation ceremony took place in Pakistan for Dr Parvez Masih, Mr Maxwell Shanti, and Mr Samuel Sardar. In order to commemorate this momentous occasion, Brother Armin Luistro (Superior General) and Brother Ricky Laguda (General Councillor) were in attendance.

Let us take a brief moment to fully explain what it means to be affiliated. Any person affiliated to the Institute must meet a certain set of criteria in order to be bestowed this honour.

The individual must support the mission, not only from a financial or material point of view, but also through personal commitment. This personal commitment can take many different shapes and forms, as there are numerous ways to take an active role in the mission. One could participate in ministry, educational/welfare ministry, retreat facilitation, spiritual support, or “fraternal” support of Brothers. They could also serve on Sector Committees or Committees/Councils on the District, Regional, or International level.

Next, a person who wishes to be affiliated must manifest a favourable spirit or at least a high esteem with regard to Lasallian spirituality. This can be done in numerous ways. Usually, it entails involvement in Lasallian formation programs or District events, and maintaining a regular connection with Lasallian communities by supporting Brothers or educational/welfare efforts.

The next thing that must be taken into consideration before an affiliation is made official deals with the party sponsoring the individual in question. This could be the community, the educational/welfare institution, or the District. This entity must ensure that their collective or Region genuinely desires to approve the requested affiliation. They must also guarantee that there is no impediment, either by the ecclesiastical authorities or by the local Christian community.

The procedure for procuring affiliation is quite rigorous. The applicant must submit a request with supporting documentation from a community leader which is signed by all community members. The Visitor will then consult the District Council for a vote. All documents, including the results of this vote, will be sent to Brother Superior and his General Council. If approved, the certificate of affiliation will be prepared and transmitted to the relevant Brother Visitor.

Consideration for Affiliation in the District of ANZPPNG generally requires twenty years of service in support of our vocation as Brothers and our association for the Lasallian Mission. As you can see, Dr Parvez Masih, Mr Maxwell Shanti, and Mr Samuel Sardar have certainly put forth much hard work and effort to achieve affiliation.

Next, we will go over the accomplishments and qualifications which allowed these three esteemed candidates to receive the honour of affiliation.

First, let us start by describing Dr. Parvez Masih. This inspiring individual has been serving as a Medical Officer at La Salle High School and College, Faisalabad for the last 18 years. Br. Shahid Mughal FSC, who recommended Dr. Parvez, has shared some key qualities about the nominee, including his impeccable attendance record, his admirable sense of responsibility, his rigorous record keeping efforts for vaccination procedures, his dedication to performing regular medical checkups on all Brothers in the Sector, and much more. Without question, Dr. Parvez’s wisdom and work ethic allow him to be a cornerstone of his community.

Second, we will discuss Mr. Maxwell Shanti. He was appointed in Pakistan on 7 January 1971. During this period, he served La Salle High School Faisalabad as Principal for about 14 years. Maxwell then worked as the Executive Secretary of the Catholic Board of Education, Archdiocese of Lahore. Eventually, he started a new school called “Saint Anthony’s High School” and introduced the Lasallian education system to Faisal Town Lahore. Maxwell has been in the field of education for 51 years and has served as the Chair of the Pakistan Lasallian Education Board since 2019. Maxwell was recommended for affiliation by Br. Shahzad George Gill, who described Maxwell as “a good sportsman, a committed teacher, a professional leader, and a true Lasallian.”

Lastly, let us celebrate the accomplishments of Mr. Samuel Sardar. He has been serving as a teacher at La Salle Higher Secondary School Multan for the last 37 years, instructing courses within the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Today, he serves as the facility’s Vice Principal and Child Protection Officer. He joined the mission as a volunteer in 1978 and quickly started making meaningful contributions to the community. In the years since, he has only continued to brighten the lives of those he works with. He has played an integral role in the education of countless high-performing students, many of whom are now doctors, Engineers, and Politicians. Dedicated teachers are truly one of the most precious blessings in the world, and Mr. Samuel exemplifies everything that makes an educator great.

With Brother Armin Luistro (Superior General), Brother Ricky Laguda (General Councillor) and Br Timothy Peter (Brother Visitor) in attendance, the affiliation ceremony was a seamless, enjoyable, and memorable time for everyone involved. We congratulate Dr Parvez Masih, Mr Maxwell Shanti, and Mr Samuel Sardar once again and wish them the best going forward.