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Transition to Adulthood Podcast

Transition to Adulthood Podcast

Adulting is hard. From finishing high school, starting work, and navigating relationships, it’s A LOT!

yourtown have developed a 'Transition to Adulthood Podcast' also known as ‘TtAP’. Made by young people for young people, this podcast is all about sharing lived experience and learning along the way.

TtAP is all about navigating that sticky, confusing, and often mis-represented, period of life transition that defines our late teens and early twenties.
We acknowledge that becoming an adult is a unique experience for each person and we don’t have all the answers on how to best manage adulthood. But TtAP isn’t about having the answers. It’s about bringing young people together to have conversations about how they are dealing with, or not dealing with, the transition into adulthood.

It’s real, raw and we think you’re going to love it.

Content warning: this podcast talks about suicide, self-harm, abuse, hospitalisation and complex trauma.

Listen here 👉