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Invitation: Emotionally Healthy Women Workshop

Dear Lasallian Partners, LEAD and Signum Fidei Fraternity Partners,

As we end the celebration of Women's Month, we would like to invite you to join us for an exciting journey toward emotional wellness by participating in the Emotionally Healthy Woman Workshop. This weekly session via Zoom aims to provide a safe and empowering space for women to explore their emotional well-being, build resilience, and develop healthy habits to achieve emotional balance.

  • Quit being afraid of what others think!

  • Quit denying anger, sadness, and fear.

  • Quit dying to the wrong things.

  • Quit lying.

  • Quit blaming.

  • Quit over-functioning.

  • Quit faulty thinking.

  • Quit living someone else's life.

Every Thursday starting July 13 to September 7, 2023, the Emotionally Healthy Woman Workshop Sessions will be facilitated by speakers who will guide you through interactive discussions, self-reflection exercises, and practical tips on how to enhance your emotional intelligence. The initial session will give you an opportunity to meet other Lasallian partners from different countries doing shared activities to help you feel comfortable and open in the succeeding weeks to follow. Furthermore, these 8-week sessions aim to teach you coping and responsive emotional strategies, cultivate healthy relationships, and help you discover your inner strength and peace. The sessions will be delivered in English with biblical and Lasallian documents as enhancement to the scheduled skill sessions.

To register, simply click the link below and fill out the registration form.
Registration Link:

We look forward to having you on this transformative journey toward emotional wellness. 



(Author: Ms. Coreen Paul, President, LEAD and Ms. Maria Teresa Castaneda, Regional Coordinational/ Board Member, Signum Fidei (SF) PARC/ SF International Fraternity)