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District Council

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The mission of the District Council is to promote the unity of the District and assist the Brother Visitor in exercising his duties. The Brother Visitor and his Council complement one another in their work with the various bodies involved in the mission, as they draw up guidelines and make decisions relating to the mission (Rule 147.1).


The District Council’s responsibility extends to

  • the admission to perpetual profession;

  • the dismissal of a professed Brother, living in the District, whether he belongs to it or not, in emergency cases foreseen in Canon Law;

  • the transfer of goods from one house to another in the District;

  • the allocation of the contents of a house when it has been closed;

  • setting limits to the spending powers granted to Brother Directors and Bursars;

  • other exceptional administrative measures involving District finances.


The advice of the District Council is required in the following cases:

  •  the admission of candidates to the novitiate;

  •  the appointment of the Bursar and of others on the administrative staff of the District;

  • the convocation of the District Chapter.



Members of the District Council

Br Tim Peter FSC - Br Visitor

Br Mark McKeon FSC

Br Lewis Harwood FSC

Br Sajid Bashir FSC

Br Rory Higgins FSC

Br Kenneth Ormerod FSC

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