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Vocations: Answering the call to serve the young and the poor through education

Finding your role in the Lasallian Family.

Continuing the legacy of serving the young and the poor through education.

While our Mission has its origins in religious life in France, that of the De La Salle Brothers, it has grown to include people from all walks of life and from different cultures. Today, thousands of Lasallians worldwide work together in different initiatives that offer educational opportunities to those who otherwise would not have access to education.

Even after 300 years, both the need for education and people to help out in the Lasallian Mission is still great. Every member of the Lasallian family has a unique and personal role to play in creating a better world.

Together we can help each other discover how we can best participate in the Lasallian Mission. 



The young people studying in our schools are given opportunities to reach out to those in need. They don’t have to wait until they graduate to take part in the Lasallian Mission.

  • They can aspire to be part of the leadership team.

  • They can join groups and organisations that focus on service, mental health and faith sharing.

  • They can join the rest of the community in special projects and activities. 


Lasallian Youth Ministers and Volunteers

After high school, our former students can become more involved in our schools as part-time youth ministers or as full-time volunteers.

They are responsible for animating the faith life of their base school and the individual faith development of the young people they meet, following the Lasallian tradition and in coordination with school staff. Their ministry is tailored to school culture and needs, focusing on building relationships with students and providing a credible witness of faith. 


Teachers and School Staff

The schools are central to our Mission and there will always be a need for more people to become directly involved in the life of our schools. As the world changes, we work together to answer the needs of the young people entrusted to our care.  


De La Salle Brothers

The Brothers, while serving as the memory of the Founder and first Brothers, continue to find different ways of reaching out to those in need. Established in Australia in 1906 they continue to live in community and share a common, consecrated way of life while taking on different roles in our schools and in organisations that work for education and the youth. 

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La Salle Sisters (Nữ Tu La San)

The La Salle Sisters of Vietnam were established in 1966 and first arrived in Australia in 2009. Three sisters formed the first (and only) community in Bankstown, New South Wales. Their work here is focused on early childhood education. They can also be found in Thailand and the United States of America.



yourtown traces its origins to the residential school set up by the Brothers in Queensland in 1961. Today, it is a national organisation that helps youth-at-risk and their families in five states. Their range of initiatives includes:

  • Kids’ Helpline (Free, confidential 24/7 online and phone counselling for 5-25 year olds across Australia) and other counselling services for young people and parents;

  • Employment services (Helping young people get skills and a job through training, workshops, individualised support and more);

  • Family support (counselling, accomodation, education and guidance)


Alumni and Parents

Over the years, former students and parents have worked alongside each other and our schools to make sure that future generations of Lasallians can enjoy the same kind of education and community they experienced. 

Click HERE to find our more about the DLS-Community Association Network. 


Affiliates and Benefactors

Among the members of the Lasallian Family there are persons affiliated to the Institute. The affiliated person expresses this wish and/or is recognised as a person who has helped the Institute in its mission. Likewise he/she shows a great appreciation for anything relating to Lasallian spirituality.

Affiliation to the Institute falls within the remit of the Br. Superior and his Council. These can operate “motu proprio” but in general they only intervene in response to a request made by a Region or a District. The request for affiliation is backed up by pertinent testimony from the local community and is submitted in the first place to the District Council. The request document, supported by and with the opinion of the said Council, is sent to the Br. Superior.

After approval has been given, the Mother House sends a Letter of Affiliation to the Br.Visitor who then hands it to the person concerned during some celebration suitable for this act of recognition.  

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