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Catholic Boarding Schools In Australia - De La Salle

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Why boarding schools?

Boarding within a Catholic School has been part of Christian education system and society for over three centuries. Catholicism in Australia began with colonisation in the 1700's, with thousands of Christian and Catholic families raising their children in Australia and in doing so, sending them to Catholic school, sometimes hours away, which meant there was a need for accommodation within a school environment. 

Most commonly, Catholic Boarding Schools started from a collection of christian Brothers or Sisters that educated boys and girls through faith and discipline in the Lasallian tradition and Catholic Archdiocese. Stereo-typically, boarding schools were harsh and stern. This stereo-type has developed to something vastly different in today’s modern times.

Catholic Boarding schools act as independent homes for students away from their families.They differ from a day school or grammar school that operates normal school hours. 

For a parent, choosing where to send their child to school, and sometimes the best option being boarding can often be a difficult decision. Parents often find this decision critical for their children especially in year 7 through to year 12.  Lasallian boarding schools provide an option that is secure, safe, and a stable environment for your son or daughter to be surrounded by.

By boarding boys and girls together in the same year, the De La Salle teachers have found that the way that the students act is very different from the other students in their year in surrounding schools. They act more mature, individual and independent than other boys and girls in the area.  With a real emphasis on independent learning the boys and girls at La Salle College and Luurnpa Catholic School have earned a name of being respectful and eloquent boys and girls in the community.



Luurnpa Catholic School, Balgo Hills

Boarding opportunities began in the year 2011 when the school’s strong connection with Luurnpa Catholic School in Balgo Hills was sending students from Balgo to the secondary school, thousands of kilometres from home in the Kimberley. The students, staff and community saw a need for boarding to be an option within the schools grounds. So the Luurnpa Links Program was established in the year 2008 whereby a group of students from Balgo schools visited La Salle, Middle Swan. Any student that completes Primary School in Balgo can continue their education in Perth at La Salle, Middle Swan. Balgo does not have a secondary school, and for the majority of the students in Balgo, La Salle Middle Swan school acts as their only boarding option. In the first few months, La Salle College was committed to the new relationships that have been developed, which was growing with interest and so decided to establish an independent boarding program to allow the boys and girls to stay at a Lasallian school.

The first full intake of boarders was in the year 2011, which was 30-40 students. The schools welcomed Aboriginal children not only from Balgo Hills but neighbouring towns and other rural towns in the Pilbara. Without the boarding options within these schools, many Aboriginal boys and girls would be denied education as they would have nowhere to stay when they finish with their primary schools. The schools campus is located 3 km from the main campus of the school and is fully contained to allow the continuation of the program. It enables students to separate themselves from their study at school, to see the classroom and home as separate. This is one of the main reasons for success at La Salle College. Many boys and girls can study in the best way they can, as well as stay in a safe and stable environment that makes going to school a lifestyle, rather than a choice. Being away from home for over a year, students become independent,  self-driven and determined to finish their high school year, in order to return home to Balgo with an even better sense of direction and intelligence.

Please note there are no De La Salle boarding schools  Melbourne, or in Sydney, NSW.

For more information on boarding in Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (VIC) or South Australia for boys and girls visit to place your child's name on a waiting list for the school year that you require. You can also attend an open day to ensure the school is right for you, it's best to go to an open day at least a year or two years before your child will attend.

To find out more  about Luurnpa Catholic School, Balgo Hills, click HERE


La Salle College, Middle Swan

La Salle College in Middle Swan in Perth, Western Australia is one of the few Lasallian Catholic boarding schools in Australia. La Salle College, is a co-educational, secondary catholic college for boys and girls in Middle Swan, Perth, Western Australia that was founded in 1954. With over 1,400 girls and boys from year 7 to year 12. The catholic school caters for the educational, spiritual and pastoral care needs for its students. The catholic college is highly resourced, with a school Chapel, a Senior Learning Centre, photographic and art facilities, a lecture theatre and a performing arts centre. The school is also immensely involved in sports, whereby they have a 10-lane 25 meter swimming pool, large ovals as well as tennis, basketball and netball courts.

To find out more about La Salle College Middle Swan, visit